December 2, 1981. During Their Majesties' residence at Phu Phan Palace, Sakon Nakhon, Their Majesties often went up to the gardens of Wat Doi Tamajaedi not far from the Palace whenever they had spare moments. It was spring time and all the trees were in full bloom, which pleased Their Majesties very much.
Her Majesty the Queen was picking flowers, especially the yellow and purple ones, the colors of which blend in nicely with the color of Her Majesty's dress. His Majesty used a 35 mm. camera with a 105 mm. telephoto lens. The aperture was opened as widely as possible in order to highlight Her Majesty's face, while leaving the background blurred. The important technique here was to locate the leaves near the lens whereby creating a mixture of plush colors of yellow, green, red, light and dark brown. This photograph is almost like a watercolor painting, which reflects His Majesty's ability in modem photography techniques.

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